In this leading case of the common-law Mrs. May Donoghue took a train from Glasgow to Paisley, Scotland to meet a friend at the Wellmeadow Café. While there, Mrs. Donoghue bought a ginger ale float (ice cream topped with ginger ale). The proprietor of the Wellmeadow Café selected a ginger ale made by "D. Stevenson, Glen Lane, Paisley". That ginger ale by Mr. Stevenson was bottled in a dark, opaque bottle; a bottle similar to the one we use for Dead Snail Ginger Ale. We use this type of bottle to preserve the fresh ingredients used in high quality ginger ale, but poor Mrs. Donoghue couldn’t see what was in her bottle.

Mrs. Donoghue took a few sips of her ginger ale and immediately started to feel very sick. She poured the  remainder of the ginger ale out of her bottle, into her glass and out floated a dead snail!

This famous snail led the House of Lords to introduce the “neighbor principle”— that people must take reasonable care not to injure others who could foreseeably be affected by their action or inaction- and the tort of negligence. 

While legal scholars have studied the famous Paisley snail for its legal significance, we have spent time focusing on what should have been in the bottle— premium non-alcoholic ginger ale.

Donoghue & Stevenson’s Dead Snail Ginger Ale is a ginger ale concentrate, perfect for making a Dark & Stormy, Moscow Mule, Shandy or for a bit of spice in any tiki cocktail. It is also excellent with a splash of soda water and on its own.

Because of its concentrated form Donoghue & Stevenson’s Dead Snail Ginger Ale is perfect for allowing customers and bartenders to control the level of ginger flavour they add to their cocktail or non-alcoholic beverage. 

Donoghue & Stevenson’s Dead Snail Ginger Ale is made with pure raw ginger juice, lemon juice, sugar and water, and then cold brewed with ancient bacteria strain called  “ginger beer plant”. Free from any preservatives or stabilizers, Donoghue & Stevenson’s Dead Snail Ginger Ale requires refrigeration at all times. 

Donoghue & Stevenson’s Dead Snail Ginger Ale

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New Theatre Tonic is a tonic water concentrate containing real Peruvian cinchona bark, agave nectar, and loads of citrus.

​The DNA of the New Theatre Tonic recipe dates back hundreds of years and is similar to what British sailors would have been drinking to stave off malaria. We have created our recipe keeping those sailors in mind.

New Theatre Tonic can be used for a supremely balanced G&T or for endless other applications.

New Theatre Tonic is visually quite distinct from its synthesized counterparts. The cinchona bark's rich colour and the darkness of agave nectar result in New Theatre Tonic appearing the colour of amber or dark honey. New Theatre Tonic has a much rounder mouth feel and starts off sweeter than most other tonics. After a few sips New Theatre Tonic proceeds to open up with bright citrus notes with a dry finishes leaving you wanting another sip. 

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Donoghue & Stevenson’s Dead Snail Ginger Ale is a premium non-alcoholic ginger ale concentrate delicious on its own or mixed into your favourite cocktail.

Donoghue & Stevenson’s Dead Snail Ginger Ale gets its name from the famous “Paisley Snail” and the seminal case of Donoghue v Stevenson from the British House of Lords. 

Distinguishing drinks made with New Theatre products are meant to be enjoyed responsibly.

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